This is the first of its kind, the first topic that i am planning to discuss with the world. 


I am a person who believes in destiny, nothing is in my hands, it is the God who determines what I am supposed to face in this life. The minor details of our life can be managed, but in the broad outline we remain powerless in the face of events that take place and which we cannot control.

Some say that, they have suffered and have taken real effort to reach the place they are in, today. But do all those who suffer, who still work hard amidst all difficulties reach those summits of life. 

The motivational books speak about  Walt Disney who was fired from a newspaper for lacking imagination, Albert Einstein whose teachers said wouldn’t do much, or Michael Jordan who was cut from his high school basketball team, but there would have been many more like them, who would have strived so much and not reached anywhere.

So is it really your hard work and determination that determines everything.

But this doesnot mean we all have to sit idle and leave God to do all the work. Yes, do our part, and whatever happens accept it. If you are supposed to get it, you will , if not God had not planned that for you.

This rule is applicable to your parents, partner, wealth, health , about anything and everything in life