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Busy life styles have taken tolls. No one has time for each other. We don’t know what it is like to talk to our neighbors and  share with them , love and happiness. Living inside the high-rise buildings with TV,  laptops, mobile phones and other gadgets to be our only companions, how can anyone have the time & heart to admire the essence and beauty of nature and all its living  and non living counterparts.
Every available piece of land is used to build high rise buildings and other infrastructure, very little importance is given to greenery, to cultivating  those lands. The lush greens are not just meant for beautifying landscapes but it has a more profound role in our ecosystem and life style as well.
This is an arid country but yet there are many plants than can grow and survive, my mother used to take the effort of planting a lot many of crops here in Dubai, she nurtured her own requirements for green chilies, curry leaves, drumstick , cabbages, bitter gourds , spinach, snake gourd and more. 
It could be started as a community initiative. For every flat, or for a cluster of apartments, a plot of land should be available for us to cultivate.Let us make it a habit to keep apart some of our valuable time to go out with our neighbors, kids and elderly and indulge in some farming activity. 
Enjoy the burst of fresh air, the smell of earth ,the playfulness of birds. We will soon experience the magic of nature acting on us, boredom, obesity, loneliness and depression will no longer find place in our lives.
Let our kids experience  and learn the need for a healthier  living, not just the part of  organic food but also  to interact and help each other and feel the need to preserve our nature rather than being drained away by the monotonous race of life. 
Sow in them the seeds of goodness.