Funerals are not like weddings. That is not the place for you to catch up with your friends and relatives, not the place for you to exchange greetings and indulge in joyful conversations.That is not the place for you to introduce your son in laws and daughter in laws or to look for a beautiful bride/groom for your son/daughter. Or this is not the place for u to speak about the pomp and style of your life and celebrations. Hello, please ,show some sympathy for the ones who have lost their beloved,there is someone who may have lost their mother , father, partner or child.

Why even go if you are not bothered, that is not the place for you to display your acting skills. cast away that gloom u have put up on your faces. Attend only if u really are going to miss the deceased,  only if u really feel sorry for the one who is bereft, and u wish to console them.

It would have been so much better if that house, on that miserable day had only a few genuine faces  rather than so many wailing people transforming the house into a market place.

Remember, this can even happen to you, and its not a must that you need to experience it yourself to feel the pain of others…sympathize at least, if you cant empathize.

And remember , even if u don’t show sympathy at least don’t criticize that they (the bereft)didn’t pay attention to to you at the funeral, or reprimand that they forgot to inform u..
They r in deep pain & it takes a lot of effort to rise again from that agony. At least you can do this bit for them.

[I have experienced this myself, when I lost my mother.]