Is it possible to find a job we love or is  it always to love the job we do.
Dilemma…. I think the search for a beautiful job is a never ending one….

And is it so that God always has plans for you and the plans are always for your good or is it so that you really need to find out for yourself and implement it….

Is it so that you always have to be quiet to the people who hurt you and try to imagine all human beings have a good side and you are not here to judge. Or
you need to react to what people do to you.

Is it so that you leave this earth for ever after death and your soul takes no more births or is it so that you come back here again based on your karmas

Why God , there are too many unanswered questions. I remain on one side of the valley for a while and jump to the other, unable to decide what is right.